10 Amazing School Hacks! DIY Fun School Crafts And Other Tips & Tricks

4.05.2020 г.
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The school bell has rung and we’re back with a bunch of new School hacks for you to try! Discover how to turn your notebook into a mobile chalkboard, erase things with your lip balm, organize your pencils with a simple case and many other tips and tricks to make your life at school easier!
0:00 Lip Balm Eraser
1:10 Notebook T-Shirt
2:16 Nail File Ruler
3:03 Sleeping Bag...pack
4:29 Mirrored Pocket Notes
5:20 Picture Calendar
6:36 Chalkboard Notebook
7:39 Wool Pencil Case
9:18 Mascara Highlighter
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