Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall (Official Video)

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The official music video for Iron Maiden - The Writing On The Wall

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Written by Smith / Dickinson

Across a painted desert lies a train of vagabonds
All that’s left of what we were it’s what we have become
Once our empires glorious but now the empire’s gone
The dead gave us the time to live and now our time is done

Now we are victorious we’ve become our slaves
A land of hope and glory building graveyards for the brave

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding ~ can you see them riding

Holding on to jury is that all we ever know
Ignorance our judge and jury all we’ve got to show
From Hollywood to Babylon ~ holy war to kingdom come
On a trail of dust and ashes ~ when the burning sky is done
A tide of change is coming and that is what you fear
The earthquake is a coming but you don’t want to hear
You’re just too blind to see

Have you seen the writing on the wall
Have you seen that writing
Can you see the riders on the storm
Can you see them riding
Can you see them riding. . . Riding next to you

  • Sensacional, ouvi Iron Maiden pela primeira vez com 14 anos agora aos 52 continuo impactado por essa banda !!

    Carlos CruzCarlos Cruzпреди час
  • Hell yes I feel like I'm 18 thanks for reviving me!!!!

    Joe JamesJoe Jamesпреди час
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  • Eddie taking on Satan and the Fat Cats. Epic

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  • Fuck yesssss!!! New Eddie is epic looking! Up the irons!!!!

    Olive's Reptile Ranch Loomis CAOlive's Reptile Ranch Loomis CAпреди час

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  • Someone's phone dinged at 3:21

    Coyote ThunderbeardCoyote Thunderbeardпреди час
  • *_K I L L E R L I K E S A M U R A I E D D I E_*

    ƝĚpƚUƝξ ΨƝĚpƚUƝξ Ψпреди час
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    Lucia MariaLucia Mariaпреди 2 часа
  • I was listening to Spotify's new music mix and I heard this rocking song...I was like WTF? I look at the app and it says Iron Maiden and I was like OMFG! New music from Iron Maiden? Thank you 2021!

    Mark MurphyMark Murphyпреди 2 часа
  • Maiden lasts forever.

    Thomas MeyerThomas Meyerпреди 2 часа
  • My final Maiden album before I rest in peace. Thank you Iron Maiden.

    Robert PaduaRobert Paduaпреди 2 часа
  • valeu a pena ter sobrevivido ao coronga, vida longa ao Iron \m/

    Luan SMLuan SMпреди 2 часа
  • Up the Irons! Been a Maiden fan since 84.

    Heaven Nor HellHeaven Nor Hellпреди 2 часа
  • thank you for the awesome song!!!!

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  • Sound country.

  • Whoa Nelly!!! My Favorite teen band just got Better!!!

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  • Billy Talent Vibes. Just Slower ❤

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  • I love how Bruce's voice has matured. Awesome!

    RowanTreeRowanTreeпреди 3 часа
  • This... This fucking ticks all the boxes!

    Marcus JacobsonMarcus Jacobsonпреди 3 часа
  • feels the same like they era of 70s

    Clare R. CClare R. Cпреди 3 часа
  • Saddened Facebook hid you all from be, My spam folder was nothing but hope that was denied. The Indigo Fenian King is ready to pick up the mantel, Just need a little help to lead the way for they limited my Power for they feared me

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  • muito massa !!!!!! melhor banda do mundo

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  • Man Builds, Man Destroys! I need another drink. Adiós!

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  • so....this means "death-to-biden-obama-clinton-bush-boris-china"....right? [ nice work Bruce! ]

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  • É VALA, E BUCHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Or it means were all doomed cause human nature never changes! I don't know!

    Kenny HallKenny Hallпреди 4 часа
  • Resumo: um diabo matou o outro diabo.

    hyan chagashyan chagasпреди 4 часа
  • 5th times a winner! We're All Sinners. If you're non- secular, We All Fuck Up! Can We All Just Live In PEACE!!! After we KILL those who make US fight!

    Kenny HallKenny Hallпреди 4 часа
  • 👍

    Peter Pitambar PangercPeter Pitambar Pangercпреди 4 часа
  • eu tenho pena das gerações futuras que não poderão ouvir um lançamento do Maiden.

    Rodrigo CastellariRodrigo Castellariпреди 4 часа
  • The best is back!!!

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  • There are no words to describe the love for Iron Maiden.

    Marcio Pereira SilingardiMarcio Pereira Silingardiпреди 4 часа
  • When we needed music, iron maiden came to the rescue

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  • Awesome video and song. I've seen these writings since birth!

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  • Nico não é mais o mesmo.... Só faltou pegada na bateria.....

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  • Cool video , tight song kin el up the irons !

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  • Quanta simbologia satanica e negativa nesse clipe...

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  • Once again a masterpiece! Nothing and nobody can be compared to IRON MAIDEN. Up the IRONS

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  • I'm tired of seeing Graveyards of the Brave!

    Kenny HallKenny Hallпреди 4 часа
  • This is like the end of world to me, step by step! People sick, going to the place whew supposed to fix them, leaders, different type of people, bombs, artificial inteligence, satan growing up, the pentagram, four knights and the mission of them. Too much to figure out for sure. This is not only a clip, this is a message. Open your eyes. Jesus is the only way.

    Airaf - JoyAiraf - Joyпреди 5 часа
  • Valeu Iron🤟🏼 Grande música, grande videoclipe👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Brasil esta aqui também poha🇧🇷

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  • Amazing video. I felt like I was watching a new Heavy Metal movie

    Alberto VerdugoAlberto Verdugoпреди 5 часа
  • Up

    Felipe de BragançaFelipe de Bragançaпреди 5 часа

    skeeter197140skeeter197140преди 5 часа
  • Gee, Gandalf and the Nazghûl look quite different in this video.

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  • Brabo!

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  • Don’t get the praise for this…sorry. Miss the faster stuff.

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  • Iron Maiden are immortal! More songs, good and evil)))

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  • After a bad week, with the death of Joey Jordison and Dusty Hill, so many conflicts around the world, this cursed virus that claimed the lives of several brothers across the planet, a good and wonderful song. Long live Iron Maiden, Bruce, Steve, Nicko, Dave, Adrian, Janick. You make our days a lot better. Jesus Christ intercede for us all. God bless our world.

    Jonas LimaJonas Limaпреди 5 часа
  • Seems like forever since I saw Iron Maiden on the power slave tour my senior year. This video flat out rocks.

    Ltbo 67Ltbo 67преди 5 часа
  • Well done fellas looks like we are of one mind and that youve called it as it is.

    Muso SevenMuso Sevenпреди 5 часа
  • Brasil 🇧🇷

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  • Fiel a su historia. ¡Que chimba!

    Andres GodoyAndres Godoyпреди 6 часа
  • Maiden in the 80s and start of 90s - Instantly energizing. Later maiden - requires repeat listening to appreciate... else it sounds boring. Honest exception for BNW.

    Asbjørn FossmoAsbjørn Fossmoпреди 6 часа
  • А смысл и клип однако встряхивают! Браво, Брюс! Привет из России!

    Адольф ЗингельшухерАдольф Зингельшухерпреди 6 часа
  • Set it to 1.25 speed for the real song.

    MetalUndergroundDemoMetalUndergroundDemoпреди 6 часа
  • When I was young in 1988, they released their 7th album, 7th son of a 7th son. At those times I thought, what an old band! Still active! Now:

    Stein AdlerStein Adlerпреди 6 часа
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  • I bought Number of the Beast on vinyl when it came out in 1982 and have followed this band's music since then. I can say with confidence that this is their best track since the early eighties.

    knmurphy1knmurphy1преди 6 часа
  • Likde it. Intro has some taste of "anatolian rock".

    ahmet gürkan erdemirahmet gürkan erdemirпреди 6 часа
  • Iron Maiden Forever. The metal never die

    Nicola SantanielloNicola Santanielloпреди 6 часа
  • I've just listened to this song and it is... weak. I mean that El Dorado, Tears of a Clown, The Red and the Black and even Empire of the Clouds (due to its magnificent and long piano intro), not mentioning the older hits, have got much higher ranks in my very humble perception. I am very happy that you are still around and kicking, but it hurts me much seeing you fade away with such songs as this one. Faithfully yours - loyal and devoted fan of Iron Maiden.

    Max BlackMax Blackпреди 6 часа
    • nah this one is a slower burn

      WillWillпреди 6 часа
  • Throat cancer is a terrible disease and there is no way that a singer is able to continue their career afterwards. Bruce Dickinson needs someone to hold his beer

    Jay MeisterJay Meisterпреди 7 часа
  • I'm lovin 'it

    Rebe VidalRebe Vidalпреди 7 часа
  • Seeing all the Eddies together was badass.

    William YochumWilliam Yochumпреди 7 часа
  • Good seeing Iron Maiden at the top of their game and playing to their strengths. I wish they'd get the same people to make videos for all their songs too. Not that Rod would allow that.... lol.

    Tom ClementsTom Clementsпреди 7 часа
  • Iron Maiden for life!

    SideActSideActпреди 7 часа
  • There's moais from.Chile in the video

  • At last new music from the irons. I love the look and feel of this and the solos are amazing. Well worth the wait

    Ministryof SillywalksMinistryof Sillywalksпреди 7 часа
  • At last new music from the irons. I love the look and feel of this and the solos are amazing. Well worth the wait

    Ministryof SillywalksMinistryof Sillywalksпреди 7 часа
  • Caralho!!! FODA

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  • Feels like video from Pink Floyd.. But the music is pure Iron Maiden

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  • yes

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  • Akhirnya 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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